Conversation with…Miss New Hampshire

New England Pageant News was able to sit down with Miss New Hampshire Marisa Moorhouse, on Sept. 5, after she had completed her interview with the judges and while she was preparing to take part in the on-stage interview in the preliminary competition.

What has been the highlight of your time in Atlantic City so far?
I’d been craving an adrenaline rush, because, as a pilot, I haven’t been able to fly for a while. I went on the SlingShot. I was upside down – crazy experience.

How is the sisterhood among the contestants?
Everyone is awesome. I’m the youngest candidate, so it’s great to have 50 role models. We have party bus lights on our Jitney, so we have a party every night. They’ve been playing music from the early 2000’s, and I was saying things like “I was 1 when this song came out, or I was -2 when this one came out.” They played a Britney Spears song, and I said “I don’t think I was a thought at this point. So, they taught me about the culture and what things were like [back then].

How did your interview with the judges go?
They were awesome. It was a conversation. It felt natural and relaxed…it was fun. It was a lot about the job of Miss America, and how she’s going to use the media with that title — effective communication. It was mostly about the job. I was asked, if I could do one event as Miss America, what event would I do. I chose the CMAs, so I could meet all of the cool country singers, and talk about my platform on the red carpet.

Are you excited for on-stage question?
I’m excited. It’s going to be unusual, because there’s a new format. It’s more of an extension of your interview, but I’m ready.

How are the changes in the MAO affecting the contestants?
None of us are focused on the changes. We’re focusing on the competition, on what’s happening at the moment, and getting to know each other. We’re not really worried about the changes — that’s internal — that’s happening on the board — we’re focusing on the external, the competition.

How do you hope this experience changes you?
Just getting to know everybody from the other states. I want to be able travel and see everyone else throughout the years that come. I’m excited to go to everyone’s wedding. We already decided that we’re wearing the black sashes at the weddings, and that the bride will wear the white sash. That’s what I’m most excited for — the friendships.

What is your message to the people of New Hampshire?
New Hampshire has never taken home the crown, so it would be really cool to do it this time.  I’m really excited to have all of their support. New Hampshire has had my back this entire journey. They’re my number one cheerleaders.


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