New Miss Massachusetts ‘Crowned’ Twice

Lyndsey Littlefield broke a tooth 45 minutes before her interview with the judges, and thought about withdrawing from the competition because of it, but went into the interview room, confidently spoke about her broken tooth and apparently impressed the panel with her candor…enough to help her earn the title of Miss Massachusetts.

Littlefield, is a 22-year-old 2015 graduate of Bristol-Plymouth Technical Regional High School’s Dental Assisting program and a senior at Bridgewater State University pursuing a degree in Biology.

She explained the story of the chipped tooth and how excited she was to have won the overall interview award on the way to earning a new, umm…crown.

“My friend said to me, ‘You have come way to far to turn around,’ and that struck me,” Littlefield said. “I talked about my tooth… I just felt super raw and vulnerable in interview. To win that award…I just absolutely felt completely loved.”

During dress rehearsal, the tooth was repaired with a temporary crown backstage by Molly Noonan, a dental hygenist who just happens to be Miss Massachusetts 2011.

As the runners-up were being called from the top 5, Littlefield said she just felt blessed to have made it that far, especially with her grandfather, a stroke survivor, in the audience to watch.

“To have my grandfather in the audience, that was absolutely incredible,” she said. “I looked right at him and I just smiled.”

When it was just Littlefield (Miss Taunton, for a few more moments) and Miss Boston Molly Caron left on stage, Littlefield said she was thinking about something else.

“I was talking about chicken nuggets,” she said. “I didn’t even hear the name called, and then Molly said, ‘You won,’ and I said, ‘No.’ She said it again, and I said, ‘No.’ Then everybody was looking at me, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it was my name.’”

Littlefield is also already a warrior, of sorts, which will make competing for the Miss America somewhat easier, along with waiting to hear when and where that national competition is. She is on Team USA for obstacle course racing and competes in American Ninja Warrior competitions regularly.

“I have mini-Miss Americas almost every weekend,” she said. “Sometimes I don’t know what the race is going to consist of, or even where I’m going. Not knowing when or where Miss America is, is where I thrive. I’m good at the unknown.”

Littlefield said that competing for a crown or on an obstacle course are things that are outside-the-box, but things that more people should be encouraged to do, and that will be part of her mission for her year of service.

“You can love to do these things that are not characteristic of Miss Massachusetts,” she said. “I run mud runs every weekend. I’m covered in mud. I’m not wearing a crown every day of my life, but I’m delivering the message of the crown every day.”

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